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Andrew Hlynka

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Andrew is a research applications developer with a background in artificial intelligence, interactive multimedia and animation. Specific experience includes use of programming languages including C# and Java, research with agent-modeling, Android app development with Android SDK, and game development with popular game engines including Unity3D and Unreal. He can assist with computer programming, agent-based simulation design, and understanding available tools for developing interactive applications or 3D visualizations.

Marcio Mourao

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Márcio’s PhD degree was obtained in partnership with the PhD Program in Computational Biology (PDBC) at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC).  As part of his PhD specialization in complex systems, he wrote his thesis on “reverse engineering the mechanisms and the dynamical behavior of complex biochemical pathways”. Márcio has taught courses for Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics departments, including MatLab, Calculus and Mathematical Biology. As a mathematical/computational biologist, he has worked on numerous interdisciplinary problems, mostly focused in chemistry, biology and physiology. He has particular expertise in the development and analysis of dynamical systems, primarily using differential equations, and in the development of agent-based models and stochastic simulations.
For more information about Márcio, visit http://albasinimourao.weebly.com/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/mdamourao