CSCAR provides three types of consulting:

    • Scheduled appointments: Staff consultants hold 60 minute appointments with clients to discuss research design and analysis issues. Follow the link below to request an appointment with a CSCAR staff consultant.
    • Walk-in consulting: Graduate student consultants are available for walk-in consulting during our regular business hours. No appointment is needed for walk-in consulting.
    • On-line consulting: You may send your question to the following emails. In most cases you will receive a response within one day. Please use your University of Michigan email account when using this service.

See our Consulting page for eligibility requirements and detailed consulting policies.

Click on the button below to request an appointment. Appointments can also be scheduled by calling our front desk at 764-7828 during our operating hours.

If you are from the Medical School or UMHS, when logging on to our appointments system you should enter your uniqname as “” not “”, and use your level 1 password.

Schedule a Consultation