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Basic Go programming with data (part 2)

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This workshop continues our discussion of using the Go language for data processing.  We will introduce concurrent programming in Go, discuss data serialization, and talk through several case studies.

Basic Go programming with data (part 1)

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Go (golang.org) is an open-source programming language that can yield very high performance for large-scale data processing applications.  This workshop is an introduction to programming in Go with data.  Participants should have programming experience in some language, but prior exposure to Go is not expected.  We will cover writing a basic Go program, using the Go tools, Go data structures, and reading files.

Numerical computing in Python with Numpy

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Numpy is the powerful and widely-used array and linear algebra library for Python. We will cover the basics of array manipulation using Numpy, and cover selected more advanced topics including broadcasting and type conversion. The workshop assumes an intermediate level of Python programming, but no prior knowledge of numpy is required.